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With automotive manufacturing proceeding at breakneck speed and more and more fancy cars hitting the street, the incidents of auto lockout have become more common than instances of getting locked out of one’s house. This has resulted in an increase in the number of auto locksmith service providers in the market, and by extension the need for companies like Auto Locksmith Montclair which can help customers to compare the services of different auto locksmiths and choose the right one.

Auto Locksmith

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Automotive locks have evolved over the years to include various types of electronic locks and remote controls and theft protection systems and burglar alarms. Because of this, a car locksmith also needs equally good implements to repair and reinstall auto locks. Some of the common tools used by auto locksmiths are the following.


A slim Jim, also called a lockout tool, is a metal strip of about 2’ in length and less than 4cms in width. When you have the problem of a lost car key, this tool is inserted into the slit between a car’s window and its door to work on the car’s internal lock. Auto locksmiths may have with them four or five of these in different sizes for using in different types of automotives.


A Pump Wedge is another lockout tool that an automotive locksmith carries around. It is an inflatable device made of plastic or similar material. It is inserted through the side of a door or through the top of it, to create a gap through which another instrument can be inserted to manipulate the lock. 6.5" x 6" is a common size in which a Pump Wedge comes.


Auto Jigglers, also called tryout keys, is a set of keys that work as a temporary ignition key replacement. This tool consists of a collection of ignition keys of varying serrations and thicknesses with which many big and small vehicles can be temporarily started when ignition car key is lost. Among auto jigglers, there are more specialized sets of keys designed for opening the trunk, ignition, door, and glove compartment of automotives of a specific product line or a particular manufacturing group.


Another automotive lockout tool is a Tension Wrench, which is also known as Torque Wrench. These are used together with other lock-picking tools to apply torque while twisting the pins within the lock. There are L-shaped wrenches and tweezers-shaped ones used by locksmiths for manipulating various automotive locks.


As these tools are important for auto locksmiths for opening a car door that is stuck, or during a car locks change, they always keep a sufficient supply of these. Before we recommend a particular auto locksmith services to you, we at Auto Locksmith Montclair check whether they have at their disposal all the types of tools necessary to solve your problem.

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