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Do you need help with lock repairs and maintenance? Here you can find the best tips, suggestions and ideas.

Advisable number of locks in a household

While there is no truly right number of locks in a household, especially since home sizes vary, experts over at Locksmith Montclair often advise that you place a lock on every door. On the other hand, the more important doors need more than one lock installed for safety reasons.

Recommended number of key duplicates

While key duplicates are without a doubt very important, they can also become a liability if you have too many. You need to limit the number of key duplicates for most if not all locks, to two of each. If you have family members, it would be advised for them to keep one on their person.

Don't let children play with your keys

Keys don't get damaged easily but children may get hurt. On top of that, children have a tendency of hiding things and it's not a good thing searching for your keys. Plus, you won't know whether they'll use them to exit the premises without you knowing.

Find an appropriate automobile security option

There are various automobile security options available. Our professional locksmith in Montclair suggests that you get to know each of those to find the best option for your vehicle. A steering lock is a dependable anti-theft solution. A column lock, meanwhile, with its ability to deactivate the steering wheel when the ignition is deactivated, will keep those without keys to start your engine.

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