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Don't Give up Your Privacy

08/13/2014 Back To Blog

Privacy can be measured by how comfortable we feel at our own homes in terms of security and that's why the quality of door locks and their condition play a massive role in our state of mind. When security measures are limited to average locks, the possibility of burglaries is increased while our privacy will be compromised as well. Such things go hand in hand and enjoying one's privacy is hardly a luxury. It is the predicament of every family and it is basically in our hands to control it – at least to the extent that is humanly and financially possible.


2 ways to lock your privacy


One common security mistake, which also puts our privacy at stake, is our habit to pass our keys to way too many people and sometimes without good reasons at all. This is more commoDon't Give up Your Privacyn among young people, who like to share their private place with close friends. The problem begins when friends turn to be less reliable than one would expect. Also remember that other people won't take care of your keys with the same attention as you do. Of course, the most obvious solution is lock rekey and stop handing your keys around. This way, you will use a brand new key for your home and won't run the risk of coming face to face with a complete stranger.


This is the exact same method, which must be followed when you move to a new apartment and your co-tenant or boyfriend moves out. Key change will make you feel more comfortable and confident about your security since nobody will disturb your privacy. Another solution is electronic lock installation. The digital era has the capacity to look through keyholes but it can also protect you. Actually, electronic dead bolts can make your life easier. Since they don't work with keys, you won't have to worry about whether you gave them to someone anymore! Did your girlfriend just move out? Just change the code and you'll be fine. Do you want to give a code to a friend visiting from out of town? Digital security door locks have temporary codes, which can also be erased when the visitor goes away. The new bolts help you to have control over your privacy and certainly your security.

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